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BuzzKill Icons

BuzzKill Icons

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Welcome to BuzzKill Icons. This community was made for a small group of friends that want to share templates and icons with eachother. My name's Mandy, I'm the maintainer of the community. My regular journal can be found here -> notsorandom.

I don't expect this community to grow very big, as there's 23849723 different icon communities out there already. However, just because I started this community for my friends does not mean that only my friends can join. If you've found this community through interests or a search engine or someone else's page and would like to join, please feel free to. It's an open membership, meaning you're part of the community the second you click 'join'. You may post as soon as you have joined.

Thanks for visiting, and please remember to follow the rules;

  • ALWAYS credit the person who made the icon/template in your PICTURE KEYWORDS.

  • No fighting. If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all. :P

  • Members, PLEASE always put your icons/templates behind an lj-cut. You may put one icon/template up as a 'teaser', but any more than one MUST go behind a cut.

  • Anyone that would like to write a tutorial on making icons or using different effects for icons is more than welcome to do so, but please put it behind a cut.

  • Remember, this journal is for icons & templates ONLY. Please don't post an entry unless your posting your work and/or asking a question ABOUT icons & templates.

  • One more time, you MUST give credit in your PICTURE KEYWORDS if you take any icons/templates.

I will add all icon, template, & tutorial entries to the memories section for quick reference.

Please visit:
:for some of the best Photoshop & PSP brushes around ( along with some very, very nice templates ).